Year: 2021

Voluntary Redundancy Compromise Agreement

for unfair dismissal or unlawful discrimination at the disemboweled of a labour court. If the employer wants to protect itself from such claims, it must enter into a separate settlement agreement. Our settlement agreements can be found here. .

Vc Shareholder Agreement

A right of pre-emption is offered to existing shareholders on each transfer of shares by a shareholder of the startup to a third party. The right gives the existing shareholders of the startup the right to acquire the shares for sale before a third party can acquire the shares. In the case of a […]

Unsw (Academic Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2015

The university seems to agree with its industrial group, the Australian Higher Education Industrial Association, to want shorter and simpler agreements, giving management greater flexibility in human resource management. The union wants to keep a lot of details that define the conditions, which can be very useful for bringing cases before the Fair Work […]