14.1 Dutch law applies only to all agreements that are subject to these terms and conditions and their implementation, as well as to all non-contractual obligations arising from those agreements. 2.4 If the Other Party accepts the offer or offer with significant differences of importance, Axia is not bound by it. In this case, the agreement is not concluded in accordance with the acceptance, including the discrepancies, unless Axia fixes another. (i) the other party will not meet the obligations arising from the agreement, or will not discharge in a timely or full manner; or 7.3 The other contracting party has the right to sell, in the context of ordinary exploitation, plants that they have delivered and/or grown and which fall under the reserve of ownership in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of this clause and are intended for resale, as well as fruit harvested by plants that are subject to the property reserve covered in paragraph 2 of this clause. In this case, the other party will acquire the rights of its customers to Axia until the other party has paid for all of the goods delivered and has fulfilled with us the other obligations arising from that agreement or other similar agreements. If this is the case, the Other Party declares that it transfers these rights to Axia if necessary, which Axia hereshess with. (v) are due to errors or omissions in the performance of the contract or the use of the aid, unless it is intentional misconduct and/or gross negligence on the part of Axia or its staff. 6.2 Beyond the relevant legislation and jurisprudence, these terms and conditions of sale qualify as force majeure all external cases, whether anticipated or not, over which Axia cannot exert any influence, but over which Axia cannot fulfil its obligations; Strikes in the company of Axia or by third parties, delay or not execution of their obligations by the suppliers or (sub) contractors involved, including the loss of harvest and diseases or plagues. Axia also has the right to avail itself of a case of force majeure if the circumstance that hinders the (continuation) of the implementation of the agreement occurs after Axia has had to fulfil its commitment. 6.3 During the period during which force majeure persists, Axia may suspend treaty obligations.

If the period is longer than two months, each party has the right to terminate the contract without being required to compensate for damages or benefits to the other.