Higher education in Denmark is free for students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland, as well as for students entitled to the same status as Danish citizens under EU law. If you participate in an exchange program, you can study for free in Denmark. In order to encourage the establishment and development of direct contacts and agreements between institutions in Denmark and Russia, priority is given to applicants associated with these projects. Application information can be found in ufm.dk/en/education/programmes-supporting-cooperation-and-mobility/the-cultural-agreements-programme/the-long-term-scholarships/russia The Fulbright Commission promotes cultural understanding through its prestigious scholarship program for exchanges of training. If you are an American scholar or a graduate student at the master or doctoral level, you can apply for a Fulbright scholarship for an entire academic and/or research year in Denmark. For more information on the selection criteria and the application process for a Fulbright scholarship, visit the Fulbright Commission website. In addition to a bilateral agreement, the parties can agree on a separate programme of cultural cooperation for a specified period of time and in accordance with the agreement. These programs may be extended by the exchange of appropriate notes sent through diplomatic channels, unless one of the contracting parties must express its opposition. create an environment conducive to international cooperation, including the exchange of know-how and active cultural exchanges. In a broader context, strengthening mutual understanding and friendship between countries. Development of cultural cooperation through support (financial and exchange of know-how) bilateral cooperation between cultural institutions. Before the program is extended for the next period, both parties assess the projects completed during the previous period and the need to continue the program. So far, the general conclusion has been to continue agreements and programmes that have been actively, effective and/or signed with our priority countries in the development of international and international cooperation.

The Cultural Agreements Program is a bilateral scholarship program. Currently, Denmark has bilateral agreements with Brazil, China, Egypt, Israel Japan, South Korea, Russia and Turkey.