This agreement, referred to as “licensee” to ——- this —– day of ——– between ———— reference to one party and ——— (hereafter referred to as “taker”) of the other party” While the licensee is seized and that the premises at________________________________________ (at the official address) (here referred to as “licensed premises”) have or otherwise have the right: the licensee has asked the licensee to allow him to operate and occupy the premises of the license , and the donor agreed to allow the taker to use the premises as a mere taker and to occupy them in the premises granted or in the premises granted or to a right or interest of the donor. licensed premises. And while the licensee has a sufficient interest in the premises granted and authorizes and allows the licensee to use and occupy the premises granted as a mere licensee for the use of premises granted for residential purposes. And while the licensee wishes and represents the use and occupation of the premises granted by him, he has his personal right and is subject to the simple authorization of the licensee of the licensee and has no rights and conditions to assert below. [After bye-law No. 45 (2) (I)] The form of the application for sublease authorization, granting leave and licensing or nursing assistant I undertake to take legal action against the holder of the sub lettee Caregiver license over my refusal to ensure the free and peaceful ownership of the apartment of the sub-lettee-l holder of the guardian`s licence, after the expiry of the initial or extended period of sublease that can be brought to court by the company to recover the part of the accommodation. (17) The licensee heresafter acknowledges that the express intention of the parties to this agreement is that the relationship between the lessor and the tenant is in no way considered established by the landlord or otherwise between them. This agreement merely confirms the mere authorization of Leave and License and does not arouse any interest in either the aforementioned premises or part of it for the benefit of the licensee.