Microsoft offers four support plans that can provide you with technical assistance, developer, standard, direct professional and Premier. The developer plan is intended for test and non-production environments and provides technical assistance during normal business hours. Microsoft`s response time for this plan is eight hours. The standard plan provides 24/7 telephone or email support technicians with access to support technicians for your production workloads. And Microsoft`s response time is within the hour. The Professional Direct plan also provides technical support for 24/7 time use with a response time of one hour, but also includes operational support, training and proactive instructions from a ProDirect deployment manager. The First Plan provides 24-hour technical assistance with a response time of 15 minutes and includes all the features of the Professional Direct plan, but includes instructions provided by a specific technical account manager. In the event of a technical issue, your first support team will ensure that you get the priority support you need for a quick recovery of a Microsoft Engineer. Problem-solving services ensure that your critical issues get our attention until they are resolved – and your business is up and running. Your computer scientists may spend less time putting out fires and spend more time maximizing the productive use of your technology.

PRS support includes: Your Microsoft support pack of the right size knowing how many tickets or hours you used in Unified (formerly Premier). There is a “break-even” payment point for peer support or DSE hours vs” “unlimited” tickets. You know what you`ve actually consumed in the last 12 months to make an informed decision. The training services included in your previous De Premier support agreement were provided by Microsoft staff. With the new Unified model and the new agreement, all training services (only content) are now provided through the Unified customer portal and are self-service. No action on your part is necessary. All eligible customers will be updated within 45 days to the standard support. When you log in to the Azure portal and click “New Support Request,” your support subscription will be listed in the drop-down field. The benefits of Software Assurance are value-added services awarded under your enterprise agreement with Microsoft based on your licensing expenses.

A software insurance advantage is 24 x 7 problem solution support that allows you to open an incident to a responsive medium in your environment if things go wrong. 24 x7 incidents are unmanaged professional support that covers certain products and problems and offers no paths for escalation, cause analysis or priority response. Premier Support is Microsoft`s first management service, which offers comprehensive coverage through our product stack, which offers priority, escalation and dedicated account management to ensure your issues are resolved.