has sparked debate among the industry by admiting to “scraping” and “re-publishing” listings from other portals.

Some real estate agents claim that All Homes has lifted every one of their listings and uploaded them on to its own site without permission.

But my question is, why do agents care?

If you list a property and pay money to have it appear on a certain portal, why would you care if that same listing is then advertised on other portals around the web at no cost to you?

You get increased exposure for yourself and your listing which generates greater enquiry and ultimately a better result for the vendor.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that some estate agents are making their own inquiries with lawyers in a bid to protect their listings from allhomes.

Who are they PROTECTING their listings from? Prospective buyers?

Robert Larocca, REIV’s communications manager, said he was unsure what recourse agents have. “It is not immediately apparent how we can stop this. We’re just not yet sure how agents can protect their online intellectual property.”

There is the question of intellectual property in relation to the titles and descriptions of listings, however I tend to fall on the side of openness and say that “More eyes on a listing leading to happier vendors and better results trumps wounded agent’s pride”.