Elevator Pitch

Nathan Krisanski in 30 seconds or less.

I am a technology innovator. I am technically trained and business smart.

My passion is in technology and data. Bringing ideas to reality through innovative thinking and problem solving. Finding new solutions to old problems or creating insight where there was only nothingness.

Nothing gets my blood pumping more than hitting enter and watching hours of coding and design unfold before my eyes as hundreds of millions of bits of data get collected and processed and organised and interpreted and then presented in a way never before seen. It’s a thrill not all understand.

Let’s analyze weekend property auction results and prices based on the weather for the day.

Let’s compare Google Analytics with your client billing information to determine usage yeilds for certain features or identify cross sell opportunites.

Let’s fill a hadoop cluster with tweets about your topics of interest and identify where discussions are taking place, between who and use natural language processing to determine sentiment.

Let’s get some data and make a difference in your industry!


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The Full Story

Core/Primary Skills

  • Data Visualisation and Infographic design – Tableau Software, D3, processing.js
  • Full Stack Development – Desktop, Mobile and Web (node.js, Jquery, php, python, XCode – Objective C, HTML5, CSS3, Android – Java)
  • Product management, roadmap, user testing, POC
  • SQL, MySQL, Data warehouse, ETL and Automation
  • Project Management, Agile and Lean development philosophies
  • Adobe Creative Suite – InDesign, Animate & Photoshop
  • also:
    • Spacial Analysis and BI, GIS (OpenStreetMap, Google, Shapefiles, MapInfo)
    • Web services, API’s and data integration/blending SOAP/XML/RESTFUL
    • Amazon Web Services EC2, S3, etc.
    • Web server/hosting configuration/deployment – http, ftp, ssh, email, subdomains
    • Google Apps Platform – Docs/Forms/Sites/Integration to SQL Server
    • Technical Specifications & Case Study writing
    • WordPress (www.wordpress.org) management and development
    • Social Media reporting/analysis & SEO – Facebook graph API
    • Analysis of Market Position/Opportunity and reporting findings to Key Stakeholders
    • Windows and Windows Server environments
    • Networking (VPN, Remote Access, Troubleshooting)

Personal Skills

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Public speaking and presenting to large groups
  • Enjoy the creative side of technology, exploring new ideas
  • Outside of the box problem solving
  • Analytical/Abstract thinking and attention to detail
  • Customer focused and solutions driven
  • Married in 2009
  • Non-smoker

Academic Achievements

  • Brisbane Entrepreneur Grant winner (2016)
  • Tableau Software User Conference Guest Speaker – Barcelona (2012)
  • Video case study and related media articles online
  • Introduction to and Advanced iPhone development
  • Introduction to Android development
  • Introduction to UX (User Experience and Interface Design)
  • Tonkin BI Conference – Spacial BI Panelist (2011)
  • Tableau Software User Group – Best Presentation in Tableau innovation (2011)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Software Engineering / Data Communications major
  • Queensland University of Technology (2006)
  • QCS – OP 3 & School Caption of Harristown State High School, Toowoomba (2002)

Personal Achievements

  • Founded a startup and bootstrapped growth (2014-2018)
  • Incorporated startup in USA (2017)
  • BDO Brisbane Cootha Challenge (100km Cycle for Charity (2012)
  • BMW Brisbane Ride for Life (90km Cycle for Charity) (2011)
  • Mooloolaba Triathlon (2009)
  • Accredited Level 1 hockey coach (2004)
  • Australian country open men’s hockey team (2002 – 2003)
  • QLD country open men’s hockey team (2002 – 2003)
  • Player of the Series – Hockey test series New Zealand vs. QLD (2002)

Employment History

Employer: HomePrezzo

Period: Jul 2014 – Current

Roles: CEO & Founder

HomePrezzo is a startup in the PropTech (Real Estate Technology) industry. HomePrezzo has bootstrapped its growth to date and created an impressive and well-thought through product set with multiple revenue streams and blue chip industry partnerships. It has extensive growth options via adjacent geographical and industry markets.

As CEO and Founder, I was responsible for the product development from the initial idea seed, through to a working product with paying subscribers.

I grew the team to 5, including an off-shore resource, and $30k/mth in revenue.

I also pivoted our business to include additional revenue streams alongside our SAAS subscription revenue to include B2B projects with CoreLogic and leading franchise groups and integration projects with industry heavyweights like ActivePipe and Plezzel.

HomePrezzo was incorporated in the US in 2017 to begin a product rollout into the lucrative US and UK markets.

Employer: CoreLogic / RP Data Australia

Period: Jan 2014 – Jun 2017

Roles: Data Visualisation Consultant (Contractor)

Key objectives were to build proof of concepts for new data products to determine market fit and to provide a working prototype for clients to play with. The majority of projects were built using Tableau and included option data processing or web interfaces built with php/python.

Several projects are still running as production products today, generating additional revenue to the business by repackaging data and content for a new audience.

I was also involved with training over 20 staff inside CoreLogic Australia and New Zealand on how to use Tableau and advanced topics for mapping with Tableau.

In the first 6 months of this contract I implemented a retention tool called ‘Scout’ which took usage metrics and CRM data to determine the lifecycle of the client and predict churn. The successful implementation required bringing together a multidisciplinary team in IT and HR to understand the full client journey. The project reduced churn and login-sharing within 3 months.

Employer: The Ray White Group

Period: Nov 2008 – Dec 2013

Roles: Data Analyst, Senior Analyst


My role with the Ray White group is a “shared service” which means I conduct work for all the business units within the broader group. My key, day to day responsibilities include:

development and maintenance of our ETL (Extraction Translation Load) data warehouse built on SQL Server 2005

product innovation around data, visualisation and metrics

training and coaching on data, business performance and assisting with recruitment activities for our corporate offices

presenting at board meetings, internal and external conferences and working closely with the executive CEO team and White family board members

The data warehouse collects business information from several internal systems and also collates external data from providers for the calculation of market share. The time to compile market share reports has been reduced from 2-3 weeks to overnight allowing for monthly reporting when only quarterly was previously possible. We also provide localized, suburb level statistics to every member of the group, around 9,000 staff.

I provide analysis and commentary on our position and opportunity each month. This is in the form of a market share document with exec summary which may also include case studies on local areas of interest.

I am also involved with our IT, Online and Marketing teams, providing data and statistics for use in marketing campaigns, data driven system analysis, functional requirements for product development and innovation. This has given me exposure to UX design, graphic design and generating “infographics”.

A large part of my role as been in technical innovation. Large and small projects from using open source face detection to automatically reshape 10,000 profile photos saving many hours of manual graphic design work, to developing, maintaining and driving innovation for one of the most successful IT products in Ray White’s history, document builder.

Employer: Vision Software Solutions (Fujifilm Medical / iMDSoft)

Period: 2005 – Nov 2008

Roles: Support Engineer, Account Manager


My role with Vision Software Solutions (now operating as iMDSoft Australia) exposed me to cardiac imaging and reporting software, ProSolv, practice management software, HealthTrack, ICU system, iMDSoft, web-based ECG software, Epiphany and many other systems and technologies including MD, Genie, HL7, etc.

Responsibilities included installing and supporting complex medical IT systems in the Cardiology area. This included networking, managing windows environments, serial data connections, report and diagram customisation and programming.

I designed many custom applications to enhance the management of these sites and provide value-add features for customers, including an external statistical engine that provided patient demographic information for government reporting.

I also designed and maintained several clinical analysis applications for research purposes.

After 6 months from joining Vision as a technical support engineer, I was promoted to 2nd level support and after 12 months I was responsible for custom development and reporting projects. My database skills lead me to be heavily involved in migration projects for HealthTrack and research projects for ProSolv Cardiovascular. I enjoyed working with private practice and large public hospital clients including several local groups: QCG

(Queensland Cardiovascular Group), Heart Care Partners and the Mater Hospital.

In July 2007 I was offered and accepted a position within the company to move into an Account Management role; however I continued to provide support when required.

I joined the sales team at Vision in a technical sales capacity, covering the QLD, WA and NZ territories as a full account manager. I also worked closely with the sales team and sales manager, Wayne Harris, on larger projects and where a technical sales lead was required.  

The company grew into new segments of Medical IT offering solutions in Cardiology, Gastroenterology and Acute Care Management which broadened my exposure to the biotechnology industry.  

In 2008, I played a major role in Vision/iMDSoft’s pitch for the QLD health ICU Clinical Information System tender. The project was held up shortly before I left due to a change in government. I was excitied to read that this project was finalised in 2010:


Earlier Employers

Best Practice Australia & New Zealand (2004 – 2005 part time while completing studies)

nab (School holidays 2001 to 2002)


Mr Greg Dickason

CTO CoreLogic

Greg Dickason was my direct reporting line while consulting at CoreLogic

0435 — — (Contact me for updated phone details)


Mrs Kylie Davis

Former Head of Content Solutions, CoreLogic

Kylie was my day to day contact for HomePrezzo partnership and joint projects

0401 — — (Contact me for updated phone details)


Mr Ian Campbell

Founder Rita by Aire, Former Senior Manager of Market Share and Director of Marketing The Ray White Group

Ian and I worked closely together for 3 years and have continued to cross paths in the industry. Ian is now a founder for startup getaire.com (Rita).  

Feel free to contact him at

0411 — — (Contact me for updated phone details)