Google +

I have recently obtained an invite for the illusive Google +, Googles 3rd and so far best attempt at being social.

As many people including myself have found out, it’s difficult to get into the limited trial that they have been rolling out over the past few weeks.

I do understand why they have done it this way. It allows them to test functionality and load without causing millions of users to get annoyed and never return, however the concept of a social media system with limited access, does limit its usefullness.

It is liberating to access this social network and see that I have no friends.

Since writing this post I have now added a total of 3 friends who have been able to access it at the same time I did. But still hard to make comment.

I was excited to try the Circles, the huddles and the group “hangouts”. Again, insert friends here!

My main concern is that it is not open to Apps Accounts. You know, the people who pay google to have a special account. You’d think of all their millions of free customers, churning up storage and resources, that the paid users would get special treatment, but no.

To use Google + you need to activate Profiles and to date, Profiles is not available on Google App Subscribers. When Google When?

Not to mention their fancy new Music service and the ┬áMarket for Android… only available in the US. Come on guys. There is a world beyond your shores and we have feelings too!


Google +
Hard to say yet.
Let it loose and we’ll let you know ­čÖé