A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with a leading technology journalist from Sydney, Nate Cochrane. Nate picked up on a press release from Tableau and Ray White about our work to provide our agents with data driven marketing and use of data for opportunity and performance analysis.

I was pretty excited to see my name in lights, so to speak, today when I received an email from a friend informing me they had seen the article on Technology Spectator, a leading business technology news site.

“According to Krisanski,  the decision to implement  Tableau “led to great discussion with business owners and corporate about office performance and opportunities for new offices”. And with reports that last year 10,000 agents left the industry – there were 72,000 in the 2006 census and 50,000 last year – such services offer a big property group an enticing carrot to lure strapped talent to its fold.” – the article quotes.

It goes on to talk about the difference between the AUS and US property data landscapes – “Krisanski identifies a problem that besets Australian residential property sales in how data is collected and reported. In the US, services such as Zillow provide an instant, god’s-eye view of the market at a click or touch but a deficit of Australian standards and laws demanding prices be reported accurately and promptly by vendors and their agents on a non-discriminatory basis makes such a service impossible here.”

Tableau have also released the video for this case study. Watch it on youtube:

Read the full article here: Real estate’s data evolution – http://technologyspectator.com.au/real-estates-data-evolution?src=rot

Thanks for your time Nate, I look forward to a follow up with you about our latest release from this system, our HTML5, JQueryM listing presentation app!