Tableau IPO

On Friday, a year after the disappointing public float of facebook, Tableau CEO Christian Chabot rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, opening trading under the ticker DATA.

With a initial market cap at $250 and shares starting at $31, traders showed great support, closing the day at $52, up 63%!

I love Christian’s quote below given to Forbes:
“We live in a time of grand absurdity where people with questions about data can’t operate the systems that get the data,” said Chabot.

The offering wasn’t just about raising capital, however, said Chabot. One of the main reasons to go public, explained the CEO, was to raise awareness around Tableau.

Great work on such a successful IPO! and for securing the ticker DATA. So appropriate!

Tableau CEO Talks Up His Company's Strong Public Debut A Year After Facebook's IPO