Author: Nathan Krisanski

AWS launches postgres support for RDS and postGIS!

Love all the announcements coming from Re:Invent conference right now. Top of my list though is postgres support for RDS and in particular postGIS. Spacial queries in AWS finally! happy days! “Today we are adding support for PostgreSQL. After personally fielding hundreds requests for this database engine over the last couple of years, I am […]

Tableau Shirt Design and Nominations for TUG Brisbane Nov meetup

Get your geek on with this cool new Tableau … <cough><cough> TabWOW shirt! Its not officially available, but give me a bump and we can talk about how you can get your hands on one. I’ll be rocking it out at our next Tableau Brisbane User Group, tentatively booked in for early November. We are […]

Tableau IPO goes off!

On Friday, a year after the disappointing public float of facebook, Tableau CEO Christian Chabot rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, opening trading under the ticker DATA. With a initial market cap at $250 and shares starting at $31, traders showed great support, closing the day at $52, up 63%! I love […]