Author: Nathan Krisanski

fMRI uses for understanding behavioral interactions in the brain

Just watched Read Montague on TED talking about connecting fMRI machines over the internet so that they can run simultaneous experiments on people interacting together. Fascinating!

Vizify yourself

Have been hearing lots about Vizify and my first impression wasn’t that great, I have to say. Unless you use facebook, twitter and linked in like a BOSS, the content was a little dry and very much a “scratch the surface” look at who I am and what I do. Until I realised you can […]

Definitions for Entrepreneurs

Just found the techspeak-to-english dictionary on Check out the full list on that link, but here are my favourites: Pivot: Our original idea failed so we had to choose between “pivot” and “serial entrepreneurs.” Serial Entrepreneur: I’ve failed repeatedly and “multiple pivots” didn’t sound as catchy. Gamification: We realized our product had no legitimate purpose […]